Light A Candle to Mary






In the museum of the Saints you will find a chapel of Mary

where you can say a prayer on a prayer chair and may light a candle.
I offer you the opportunity to light here a candle to Mary,

for yourself or for someone else.


Do you want to light a candle?  CLICK HERE!!







I light this candle for fulfil my long term wishes. O MOTHER MARY, I want to build a new house instead of the very old one. I face so many obstacles in this matter. Please help me and remove the obstacles. I got the driving licence before 8 years but I can’t drive my car because of fear. Please help me MOTHER in this matter. Give me the courage, knowledge and efficiency to drive my car without any accident. Protect my husband, daughters and mothers every where. Please help my daughters in their studies and give them a good future. Thank you MAMMA.

Tissy Jose


I would like to light a candle for myself. I have been trying to conceive a child for a while and it has been very difficult. I was beginning to become very sad. I would like to ask The Blessed Mother to take me into her care and build me up and allow me to conceive through the powers of her Son Jesus Christ





Dear Mary .

I prey to you that my boyfriend finally moves in with me, and we both can live a better live and I also prey that you bless good health on us both..





For my dear friend Andrea who is in need of a candle and our prayers.

And to Greg her husband. Thank You God.

Janet Biersack.


Dearest Mother Mary, please look with mercy on us. My husbands work hours were cut in half last month. We are so broke we can't even pay this months rent. I am so afraid! I start work Friday but by then we'll be into next month making things worst! Please I beg of you help us. I don't know what to do. I am so afraid.



Please light a candle for me. I light it with the request to Saint Mary:
Dear Mary
please ask for me - that me and Nariman would be together. Thank you




Would like to light a candle for the soul of a student of mine that died during the weekend of Easter. Will miss his laugh. I am sure that his laugh is now being heard in heaven.





I want to light a candle for peace, love, tolerance, and understanding in my household; for me and my child’s well-being and for learning how to deal with problems in my life. 





I would like to burn a candle to Mary

I would like to pray for healing for Jennifer John, Chris, I pray for conversion for our whole family. Thanking you.







Please pray for my little Victorias lung and throat problems….thank you and God Bless

Diana Gonzales





I would like to light a candle for my whole family. Keep them safe and strong in body and mind.






I would to light a candle for my sister Ellie.

I hope Mary will watch over here and make here

strong and healthy again.





I would like to light a candle for Astrid!
She is very ill.
I'll hope God will let here stay here for a while.





I light a candle for Farida.

I hope Mary watch over her and help her with all the good things she is doing.

Love Marthy.




I would like to light a candle for my dearest friend Ellie and I would like to ask Mother Mary to please heal her and protect and keep her in a safe..... from her friend,






I would like to light a candle for my dear friend Liz who enriches the life of each and every one of us who crosses her path.





A candle for all the people in the world.

Special for the people in need and who are in war. Dear Mother Mary watch over them.

Please bring peace into the world.






I like to burn a candle for our deceased Pope.

Please rest him in peace.

Holy Mary give us a Pope just like him.




I am very worried about the world today.

I light a candle for everyone and for a better world.

Please Mary watch over us, the animals and our

beautiful world.






My brother John is sick with bowl please light a candle and say a prayer for him in Brisbane.



I wanted to light a candle to Mary, I truly need a prayer. Lost my job of twenty-two years, in a hospital I worked in. Was hurt on my job. Having difficulty trying to find another job. Need to pay some credit card debt off soon.

Very worried and discouraged. Mary please help me. God Bless.

Theresa S.





For the easy, and quick closing on my daughter's house without any difficulty. Let the former agent understand and not stand in our way.






Dear John

Rest in peace, you will be forever in our thoughts.

Love from Elisabeth, Jenny and Petra.