The next prayers has been received


Saint Cornelius, I have searched for you as I have recurrent ear infections and my ears are blocked with popping sounds. I have searched for the saint of ear problems and I found you. Please help me to clear this problem, I have/am trying preventative herbs to prevent further infections. Please open my ears and eliminate the fluid. Also, please take care of the other prayer requests from others that have ear problems. Thank you.


I would like to light a candle for myself. I have been trying to conceive a child for a while and it has been very difficult. I was beginning to become very sad. I would like to ask The Blessed Mother Anna to take me into her care and build me up and allow me to conceive through the powers of her Son Jesus Christ

LaToya Goyens


I would like to pray for my 6 month old daughter who has had chronic ear infections for the past 6 weeks. If they are not cured by this round of antibiotics she has to have painful injections of heavy duty antibiotics. I feel so helpless and just want my healthy and happy baby back again. Please hear this prayer, St. Cornelius…I need you.

Stano, Aimee


Please pray for my son and I so that: we recover hair, heal the skin and ears, that my gums grow so that cover the neck of my teeth, that we get rid of social phobia, that we get an education. Thanks for prayers.


I call upon Saints Gevevieve, Cornelius, Antonius Abbot, Gertrude of Nyvel, Cosmas, Damianus, Coletta Boillet, Benedictine, and Martin to help me pray for my husband. He has had an ear ache for a week now and it has gotten very bad tonight. He has a fever and the ear ache has caused his head, jaw and neck to hurt as well. He can't sleep and he's in quite a bit of pain. We have no money to go to a doctor or to get medicine and he won't go to the ER because he doesn't want us to be even more in debt. I've tried several home remedies but they don't seem to be helping very much. Please help me as I pray with all my heart that the infection will go away and that his pain and fever will subside. It hurts me to see my poor husband in so much pain and I thank you so much for your help.
Saint Cornelius and Saint Lucia, please help me pray for my mother's gynaecological problems to be less painful and hopefully to eventually be gone. Thank you for your help.
Katie Teinert from Texas


I would like to burn a candle to Mary, and Saint Michael the Archangel, and St Raphael the archangel. I have had a huge kidney stone, which was also a horned calculus. I was lucky for the whole thing to be removed, but my body makes kidney stones, and they are growing back again. I am allergic to the medication which stops it, and so I have to have CT Scans to see what is happening. The side effect of the CT Scans is that I can get tumors in the area where they do the scans. I have a growth in my stomach, which is painful. Next Friday I have an endoscopy to see what is happening. If it is anything sinister, then I will have to have surgery. I need prayer to be at peace. Thanking you. Jennifer


Holy Benedictus, please pray for my son, Michael, to pass all his classes and for his teachers to be as kind and helpful as possible to him. He is a senior in high school and I am afraid he will not pass this year. He has always suffered from extreme shyness and has always struggled in school. These problems have been further complicated by a heartbreaking and unfair divorce after which his grades became worse. I could only oversee his schoolwork half the time and his father does not help with schoolwork when Michael is with him. He especially needs prayer for Chemistry, where he needs a 60% (D) grade to pass and he currently has a 58%. Thank you so very much. God bless you.  Jamey



Please pray for my little Victoria’s lung and throat problems….thank you and God Bless,

Diana Gonzales.




An prayer to St. Lucia for my colon problem



With all my heart I pray to St. Cornelius and St. Genevieve for our son. He is making a very special deep dive for special training tomorrow and he is experiencing pressure in his ear. He needs to make this dive. It is so important for his career. May God, his Saints, Mary, and Michael the Archangel be with our son.                                     Joanne


I pray to Saint Rochus for my husband Mark, I pray he regains sight back into his eye. I thank you with all my heart.




I pray that my daughter will conceive a healthy child in the near future. Thank you St. Ann for all your intercessions on Audra's behalf. She will make a wonderful Mother as you were to the Blessed Mother Mary.




For Gerri -that her colonoscopy be successful and her problem diagnosed. Thank you St. Lucy for your interventions on behalf of this wonderful lady.
We pray to the Lord.



l would like to send a prayer to

Saint-Joseph for the whole family.
Elisabeth Campbell.



I would like to send a prayer to St. Cornelius for my one year old nephew/Godson, Aidan, who was born without an ear canal in one of his ears. For your divine intervention through our Lord, Jesus Christ that a miracle be made to heal and develop this baby's ear. In God’s Peace.                                 Aunt Sharon


Dear Martin de Porres.

Please send Bibi the cat of my sister home, he is lost. But if he is dead, please let her find him.




I would like to pray to Saint-Cornelius to help my husband and me with our tinnitus.

Help us to not have this problem anymore.


I would like to say a prayer to (our favourite man) Saint Anthony, so that I have a long happy and healthy retirement and that I see my old friend Marthy soon again, just for laughs!




A prayer for:

1. M. Jackson: For health and wholeness and for a P/T job
2. N. Cruse: For an affordable mortgage
3. Doretha Parker: For cancer to go into remission and a speedy recovery.
Thank you.


Saint Agatha: Please pray for me, I am 36 years old, a wife and a mother of two young boys and I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have a lot of faith in God and I know He will get me through this so that I may help others in the same situation. Thank You.
Eva from NJ