All Saintsí day





The day (1 November) on which are commemorated the worship of All Saints in the RC church. Originally it was a joint commemoration of all martyrs (13 May) but in the 8th. Century it became a commemoration off all saints. The date of 13 May was replaced by

1 November through Pope Gregorius IV.

Around that date, it must be nice weather for a few days, according to folklore.

Named All Saintsí summer- or Old Wivesí summer.

This period is of short duration.



The weather proverbs also say that:


The autumn sun of All Saints

There will never be complaints

Gives All Saints sunshine

Early winter is the sign

The sun on 1 November shine

Expect a soft winter fine

If it freezes then the ice

Firm at Xmas is the advice


If All saints brings the winter

Then Martin (11nov) forecasts a good summer

With All Saints the weather wet

Snow falls from the onset


Brings All Saints winter weather

Ten more days it wonít be better

Gives All Saints sunshine

Winter is on the borderline


Sunshine on All Saints

Winter will give complaints

If on All Saints it snows

Get ready with your winter coats


Possibly nowhere in America is All Saints' Day observed so strikingly as it is among the Louisiana French. For days preceding it, each family will clean, whitewash or paint the tombs, prepare artificial flowers, design wreaths and place these on the tombs. Chrysanthemums and dahlias are used in decorating the graves. In the afternoon of All-Saints' Day, the blessing of the graves takes place. A procession is held around the cemetery. The priest is at the head; the people follow. The beads are recited while the blessing is taking place. The ceremony ends with a sermon and the singing of the Libera. In some sections where the priest cannot assit, candles are lit at dusk, one for each member deceased and an all night vigil is held. Where outdoor altars exist, Mass is celebrated in the cemeteries on All Souls Day.


All Soulsí day


Flemish folk-customs

In the evening at 6 in Flanders, whilst in the churches as an introduction to All Soulsí day, the officie of the dead is celebrated, the sound of the clocks ďabout the deadĒ. As long as the bell tolls, in the homes there are communal prayers for the souls in purgatory and sacred candles are lit. After the prayers, biscuits and waffles are baked (allsoulsbread). In front of the door of their houses children erect an altar, made from a table on, which is laid a linen cloth, and on which a statue of Christ stands. The passers-by put a coin on a platter. With the proceeds the children buy candles to light up in the night. At Scherpenheuvel the so-called candle procession is held on Sunday after the All Saintsí day.



In the RC church a worshipping of a yearly commemoration on 2 November, (when this falls on a Sunday, on 3 Nov.) of all the dead. Came into being in monasteries of the Frankís empire (e.g.Cluny), this commemoration day in the 14th century in the RC church. Known is the recommendation of Odilo, abbot of Cluny, to knell the deathís clock in the officie (Christian prayer) for the dead. Especially in the lands to the south All Soulsí day takes a very big place in the folks- piety. On this day it is allowed for priests to thrice instead of ones saying the mass. In many places it is the norm to visit the cemetery, to decorate the graves, and there to pray for the dead. Often in the cemetery an Absout takes place. The believers can earn on this day (from noon 1 November) a full indulgence with every visit to the church. With All Souls, you can buy indulgence by giving money to the church:

The more money goes into the box for money

The sooner your soul will come out the purgatory

In Belgium the bakers bake bread rolls, with a cross, which is called soul-bread; they have to be eaten hot, (hot cross buns). In Limburg (Holland) these so-called cross buns are blessed, they are eaten on an empty stomach, after the prayers to the souls in purgatory.

Recollections of the Germanic heathendom, e.g. the soul wagon that rides in the sky, live forth in some folklore of All Souls. The Germanic dead day fell in this time and became Christian. According to folks-belief the souls leave purgatory and visit places where they used to live. Sometimes one bakes soul-buns or soul-cake for these souls.


All Soulsí day weather sayings


When All Souls begins soft

Much rain and wind aloft

All Souls white land appear

Makes the spring mild and clear


Snow on All Souls

A soft spring extols

With All Souls a white swarm

The spring will be warm


All Soulsí day without a fire

From the shed much wood we require


Angel cake

First pancake, it is thrown into the fire on the eve of All Soulsí day for the dead.