The Saints



03jan Genoveva,2


Patron against war,

fever, pestilence, drought,

children sickness, rash, earache.

Feast day 3 January.


17jan Antonius abt2 jpg

Antonius Abbot.

Patron of the cattle, cattle farmers,

pestilence, pets, butchers,

bakers, the poor, sickness, boil.

Feast day 17 January.


21jan Agnes2 jpg


Patron of children

and young girls, gardeners.

Feast day 21 January.


01febr Brigidv

Brigitte of Ireland.

Is called on by sickness of the cattle,

especially horses, birds,

eye problems.

Feast day 1 February.


03febr Blasius jpg


Is called upon for throat aches/complaints,

bladder sickness, bladder,

stomach-ache, cattle sickness.

Feast day 3 February.


05febr Agatha2 jpg


Patron against breast problems

(her breasts were cut off),

fire, (she was burned), glassblowers,

steelworkers. Feast day 5 February.


09febr Apolloni jpg


Patron of dentists

(her teeth were knocked out of her mouth),

against toothache, problems with the head.

Feast day 9 February.


14feb valentius, 4 xxx


Patron of lovers

and friendships,

dropsy and cold fever.

Feast day 14 February.


06maart Coletta2

Coletta Boillet.

Patron against eye sickness,

infertility, headache, fever.

For a successful birth.
Feast day 6 March.


17maart Gertrudis v

Gertrude of Nyvel.

Protector of travellers, especially on the sea.

She heals the sick, reconciles enemies, the soul of the dead one stays with Gertrude overnight.

Feast day 17 March.


19maart jozeftimmerman, 8


Patron of carpenters, of the dying,

for a blessed death, of the Catholic Church,

of chastity, family life.

Feast day 19 March.


02april Francis van Paola 1 xxx

Francis of Paola.

Patron against fire,

pestilence, epidemics, infertility,

Patron of sailors, mariners, travellers.

Feast day 2 April.


15mei Dymphna v


Patron against sleepwalking, epilepsy,

dementia, loss of parents, obsession.

Patron of helpers, incest victims.

Feast day 15 May.


19mei Ivo

Ivo Helory.

Patron for a good trial,

of judges, solicitors, barristers,

priests, the poor and orphans.

Feast day 19 May.


20mei bernardus v

Bernardinus of Siena.

Patron against huskiness,

hoarseness, breast problems,

lung sickness, haemorrhage.

Feast day 20 May.


02juni Telmus jpg


Patron for mothers to be,

appendicitis, bowel infections,

intestines, gastric bleeding.

Feast day 2 June.


13juni Antonius v

Antonius of Padua.

Patron of lost causes,

patron for spinsters, pilgrims.

Single women.

Feast day 13 June.


24juni Johannes jpg

John the Baptist.

Patron against neck and throat ache, the loss

of voice, dropsy, convulsion in children,

plaque amongst poultry, cattle sickness.

Feast day 24 June.


02juli Maria goretti2jpg

Maria Goretti.

Patron of youth, young women,

purity, victims of rape,

against sexual violence.

Feast day 6 July.


11juli Benedictus 7 xxx


Patron of Europe, teachers, mineworkers, schoolchildren, the dying. Patron against fever,

inflammation, kidney stones, poison.

Feast day 11 July.


20juli Margaretha jpg

Margaretha - Sainte Margaret.

Is called upon by

pregnant mothers,

patron of virgins.

Feast day 20 July.


26juli Anna2 jpg


Patron of pregnant women,

children's blessing, embroiderers.

Mediator for infertile women.

Feast day 26 July.


16aug rochus


Patron of miracle cures,

of sufferers of pestilance,

plaque of cattle, invalids.

Feast day 16 August.


23aug Rosa v

Rosa of Lima.

Patron of gardeners, florists,

birth, for settling family disputes.

Against; fettering wounds.

Feast day 23 August.


01 sept, Gilles, 3

Gilles Abott.

Patron of hunters, sheppard’s, beggars.

Patron against madness, drought, fire, storm, infertility in people and animals. Helper in need. Feast day 1 September.


16sept Cornelus 2


Patron of farmers and horned cattle. Patron against cramps, ear problems, nervousness, epilepsy, a sudden death, gout, rheumatism, whooping cough. Feast day 16 September.


27sept damiaan 8

Cosmas and Damianus. (Twins)

Patron of chemists, of sickness, doctors,

dentists. Patron against fever,

pestilences, gland ulcers, toothache.

Feast day 27 September.


04okt Franciscus assisi jpg

Francis of Assisi.

Patron of the poor, the blind, prisoners,

animals. Against; headache,

pestilence, animal cruelty.

Feast day 4 October.


11okt Gummarus jpg


Patron of marital

problems, against malicious or

difficult women, deafness.

Feast day 11 October.


21okt Ursela2 jpg


Patron for a good death, to comfort crying

children, against fire, war and

children's illnesses.

Feast day 21 October.


03nov Martin de Porres 5

Martin de Porres.

Patron of people and animals,

especially cats and dogs,

(he preserves a cat and dog hospital)

Feast day 3 November.


11nov Martinus1 jpg

Saint Martin.

Patron of geese, wine growers, beggars,

cattle. Against fever, worms, bedwetting,

alcoholism, fever, dandruff.

Feast day 11 November.


02dec Bibiana


Patron against confusion, drunkenness, headaches, madness, single prostitutes,

victims of (family) rape and martyrs.

Feast day 2 December.


06dec Nicolaasjpg


Patron of children,

boarding schools, bakers,

butchers, captains, sailors.

Feast day 6 December.


13dec Luciajpg


Patron against sore throats, eye problems and blindness, female/gynaecological disease, neck pain, bleedings, colon problems/diarrhoea.

Feast day 13 December.




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